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DragonInk Theme For The Website

I started this aged newspaper sorta-like, but not theme. I found the header dragon wallpaper on the net, and from there pretty much started designing the theme around. Hence the name "DragonInk" as I really didn't know what else to call it. I'm pretty sure I'll stick with it regardless if I change the header background image or not. Although, the theme is only about 30% complete at the time of this post as I still gotta add responsive design, special effects, so on & so forth.

 Be sure to leave me some feedback if you find any issues with the design so I can iron them out. I always design in Google Chrome, then go back and make sure it's cross-browser compatible. I don't have all browsers available, so there may be issues I am unaware of. Please Note: I have no plans to support Opera Mini or IE8 or below, however the design should be degrading gracefully not breaking in those unsupported browsers.

There is no slider or anything of the sorts currently in the header. I doubt I'll add one, but don't rule it out. It just boils down to if I have a good reason to add one. At the moment there just isn't enough site content or game available to warrant a slider. I'm also firm believer in not flooding your site with ad's. While most consider a Ad heavy site to be "professional looking", in my opinion it's not. In fact, I always try to avoid adding any altogether. If I do place ad's on here, then it will be strictly on products that benefit or contribute to my game. No random crap about tampons and stuff here.

 Until next time...
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