Medieval Fantasy & Adventure

Company Logo Revealed!

I finally got around to finishing the logo and added it to the header of this website. I created it with Inkscape in about a total of about 6 hours, give or take. Four hours of real work, and then 2 hours of constant tweaking. I started with a hand sketch, then scanned it with my Kodak printer. From there I used Inkscape to vectorize the sketch it. Then, I began modifying it to clean it up and make subtle changes.

I really wanted a dragon because what says "Medieval Fantasy" the way a dragon does right? I was inspired by the Mortal Kombat logo, which I was a fan of growing up, but I wanted a more medieval and gothic look in the dragon used. Then instead of a circle, I used a hexagon to encompass the dragon to represent the board game aspects of Medieval Fantasy & Adventure game; which I didn't do until after I vectorized it.

On the downside the company colors have not been decided on as of yet, so don't let the website colors & header logo fool you into thinking that is what they are. It could stay as it is or change to better reflect any company branding colors that I have selected. It is still on my "todo" list. I cannot truly trademark the logo until I make a decision. Which I will do ASAP, after I decide on the company colors. I know better and probably should have done that first, eh?

Until next time...

DragonInk Theme For The Website

I started this aged newspaper sorta-like, but not theme. I found the header dragon wallpaper on the net, and from there pretty much started designing the theme around. Hence the name "DragonInk" as I really didn't know what else to call it. I'm pretty sure I'll stick with it regardless if I change the header background image or not. Although, the theme is only about 30% complete at the time of this post as I still gotta add responsive design, special effects, so on & so forth.

 Be sure to leave me some feedback if you find any issues with the design so I can iron them out. I always design in Google Chrome, then go back and make sure it's cross-browser compatible. I don't have all browsers available, so there may be issues I am unaware of. Please Note: I have no plans to support Opera Mini or IE8 or below, however the design should be degrading gracefully not breaking in those unsupported browsers.

There is no slider or anything of the sorts currently in the header. I doubt I'll add one, but don't rule it out. It just boils down to if I have a good reason to add one. At the moment there just isn't enough site content or game available to warrant a slider. I'm also firm believer in not flooding your site with ad's. While most consider a Ad heavy site to be "professional looking", in my opinion it's not. In fact, I always try to avoid adding any altogether. If I do place ad's on here, then it will be strictly on products that benefit or contribute to my game. No random crap about tampons and stuff here.

 Until next time...

It Haaasss Begun!

Welcome to the Medieval Fantasy & Adventure website. I created this website as a web presence for a table-top/story game that I am creating for free. It is a vast complex game, but I hope to build a community here were I can acquire feedback from those that try it in hopes that we can improve it slowly over time. Or to just point out all the errors that I made... :P

This game will be provided for free non-commercially thanks to Google and it's free products & services. However, anyone wishing to use the game in a commercial product will need to contact me for a license to do so.

I have been working on this game since May 31, 2000 as a hobby. After twiddling with it over the past 14 years, I finally decided that I want to try and make it available for others to enjoy as well. At the time of this writing, I can tell you that it is a skill-leveling based system. There are no "classes", but rather profession guilds that can be joined only if the player chooses to apply. There are over 300 unique spells, 15 attributes, 16 professions, spell-crafting mechanics, item-crafting mechanics, magical-item crafting mechanics, mass-army mechanics, town-crafting mechanics, item-breakage mechanics, crime-solving mechanics, environment modifiers, weather modifiers, combat modifiers, weapon modifiers, and the list goes on & on. As a Game Master, you use what you want to use for your campaign, so no mechanics or modifiers are required in order to play successfully. More details will be posted soon, but at the moment I am still experimenting with the layout & looks of the site; as well as whipping up various tools for players to use for free.

Until next time...