Medieval Fantasy & Adventure

Company Logo Revealed!

I finally got around to finishing the logo and added it to the header of this website. I created it with Inkscape in about a total of about 6 hours, give or take. Four hours of real work, and then 2 hours of constant tweaking. I started with a hand sketch, then scanned it with my Kodak printer. From there I used Inkscape to vectorize the sketch it. Then, I began modifying it to clean it up and make subtle changes.

I really wanted a dragon because what says "Medieval Fantasy" the way a dragon does right? I was inspired by the Mortal Kombat logo, which I was a fan of growing up, but I wanted a more medieval and gothic look in the dragon used. Then instead of a circle, I used a hexagon to encompass the dragon to represent the board game aspects of Medieval Fantasy & Adventure game; which I didn't do until after I vectorized it.

On the downside the company colors have not been decided on as of yet, so don't let the website colors & header logo fool you into thinking that is what they are. It could stay as it is or change to better reflect any company branding colors that I have selected. It is still on my "todo" list. I cannot truly trademark the logo until I make a decision. Which I will do ASAP, after I decide on the company colors. I know better and probably should have done that first, eh?

Until next time...
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